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Tim Ehm

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

It's crucial to collaborate with people that are passionate about their work, particularly if you're seeking for creative jobs. I acquired a passion for my career as a result of my early interest in the event sector, particularly lighting design. This passion has grown throughout the years as a result of additional training and experience.

In addition to designing, I also promise to guarantee its technical execution.
I have expertise with a variety of hardware and software products from the light and media industries for this.
For instance, I have a long-standing relationship with lighting desk manufacturer Avolites.  I am a qualified Gold Level Programmer and have been attending trade exhibitions for years with the German sales department and the manufacturer to provide training and to explain the consoles to other designers or programmers.

Sude Ehm

Two heads are better than one

My wife and I teamed up in 2018 and have been collaborating on projects ever since. Her primary focus is on creating and operating laser-based shows. She has extensive knowledge of numerous laser- and laser-control technologies and has worked for almost every Turkish performer you can think of.

It has an important impact and significantly enhances the creative output when two individuals brainstorm a design together rather than working alone.

Who we work with

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